RCC framed structure with panel walls of first quality chamber bricks in cement mortar.

Concrete is a mixture of two components: aggregates and paste. The paste comprises of cement and water which binds the aggregates into a rock like mass as the paste hardens because of the chemical reaction of cement and water which gives strength and stability to the structure. Hence the best quality of materials should be added in suitable proportion to get the best quality concrete.

Vizag steel is used for reinforcement.

The bars manufactured have rigid size tolerance; have uniformity of sections and high strength with extremely good bendability, weldability and ductility properties. They have superior corrosion resistant properties.

Usage of high quality products and thye best of materials results in a strong and rigid building which can withstand for generations and seismic activity.


Flooring in common areas would be super finished granite and within every apartment would be 2*2 premium quality designer vitrified tiles with concept and skirting of 3 inches.

Outdoor spaces: parking space and pavement will have cement concrete tiles and pavers


Raiser and treat with designer step tiles in terracotta finish from Shangri-LA designer tiles. These are antiskid tiles with high resistance to wear and tear.

MS balusters with handrails will be provided.


Entrance door with designer teakwood frame and artistic teakwood paneled shutter, polished on both sides. Other doors with seasoned countrywood frames with countrywood paneled shutter / commercial flush doors. Windows will be with seasoned first quality wooden frame polished on both sides and artistic beveled glass.

All joinery will have first quality synthetic dual enamel paint except the enterance door.

All fixtures will be of first quality iron oxidized fittings with mortise lock on all doors except toilet doors. Light MS grills wil be provided for windows.


Inside wall will have superior POP putty with roller finished silky plastic emulsion finish. External walls will have weather shield paint of first class quality and stone cladding as per architect’s colour scheme.

Sanitary arrangements:

Flooring has anti-skid , water repellent tiles.

The benefits of water repellent effect:

No dust accumulation, since water does not stick to the tile surface.

No algae or bacteria formation because these microscopic organism survive and multiply on moist surfaces. Hence a hygienic bathroom.

No scum formation or soapy residues.

Due to this water repellent features, water, oil or any other liquid does not stick to the surface of the title.

Concept title dado upto a height of 7 ft is provided.

Wall mounted designer grade water closet, to match concept colour from "parryware / hindware"

470mm dia white colour basin mounted on tiled counter from "parryware"

Soap nichet at appropriate location.

Fittings and plumbing fixtures from “jaquar” or equally high end brands


Black polished granite work table top for counters and kitchen with top quality glazed / ceramic tiles dado upto a height of two feet above the platform.

Superior quality single bowl stainless steel (grade SS304) sink of 0.8mm thickness and glossy finish with single drainboerd and first quality taps from jaquar or equallant high end brands.

Usage of the best brand in the market is done inorder to ensure satisfaction to customer not only for his value but also for his happiness and comforts, not once but all times.

Electrical :

Electrical wiring within the apartment will be designed for a 3 phase power supply. Supply will be through a distribution board incorporating MCB. Concealed wiring will be os ISI make finolex fire retardant PVC insulated electrical wires.

Control switches and sockets will be of flush mounted modular plate type.

Electrical points are located after analyzing the usage of the space provided and the trajectories of the dwellers. Provision will be given for every electrical gadget at the apt locations. Tv points and telephone points are provided in all their provision will vary according to the size and layout of the house .

Great importance has been given to landscape lighting and pheripheral lighting in the design.

Lighting is designed in such a way that the structure looks bright and rich at night too.

Consumption of electricity via lights has been minimized in the design. All rooms are provided with large windows so that the room is well illuminated during the day .